The Increasing Business for the Crap Metals

Abandoned in nature, steel rust and disappear in 5 to 10 years. Recycled in the form of scrap metal, it supplies 47% of steel.Aluminum, meanwhile, is 100% recyclable, and this to infinity. Recycling it saves 95% of the energy needed to produce primary aluminum. Now the companies of famous for used scrap metals happens to offer the best deals.

Recycling of these metals

  • One ton of recycled steel represents 1.92 tons of iron ore, 0.63 tons of coke (coal), 11.57 m 3 of water and 4.46 Mwah or 1.78 tons of CO 2 equivalent avoided. 99% of steel packaging is recycled.
  • For aluminum, this represents 2.44 tons of bauxite, 1.07 m3 of water and 26.59 Mwah, or 6.89 tons of CO 2 equivalents avoided. 28% of steel packaging is recycled.
  • Metals from sorting or incineration slag are collected to a magnetic sorting center that separates aluminum from steel. The metals are then conveyed in the form of bales before being melted and purified. They are then processed into raw material in the form of ingots, coils or bars that will be incorporated into the creation of new finished products.

While the reindustrialization of the country appears as a priority, the French sector of recycling scrap – hit hard by the global crisis in the price of raw materials – struggling to obtain the support of politicians. Recycling scrap metal is a clean, environmentally friendly and sustainable industry.

Scrap refers to crushed steel scrap extracted from wrecked car wrecks, household appliances, metal cans … One figure sums up the importance of the sector alone: ​​60% of scrap recycled in France, on the 13 million tons produced each year, is used by the iron and steel plants of France.

The primary interest of this recycling is that the steel produced by these scrap consumes quantities of energy that are very much lower than those required for the extraction of metals (iron ore) in the mines. Raw ore processing involves the use of strong electric currents to separate the metal from the oxygen it contains. By recycling it, it allows the realization of energy savings.

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